BloodBowl Fw: Kreek "The Verminator" Rustgouger

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  • Want something bigger and stronger than a Rat Ogre? You got it.
  • Hire this Star Player for your Favoured of… and Underworld Challenge teams
  • Augments his strength with warpstone gadgetry and a ball and chain
  • Un Star Player pour toute équipe d'Homme-Rat qui viendra ajouter du punch dans une équipe qui en manque parfois. Kevin.

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Rat Ogres are natural Blood Bowl players with size, speed, and animal cunning that make them sought after by Skaven coaches all under the world. You could wait for them to improve through experience and careful training, or you can simply enhance them with warpstone-powered mechanical augmentations and give them a massive weapon to swing around. Such is the case with Kreek ‘the Verminator’ Rustgouger.

Save up your warpstone and hire this Star Player to give your team the extra punch it needs. His services don’t come cheap, but you can hardly imagine a stronger lynchpin around which to run winning plays. Kreek wields his ball and chain to deadly effect, but he’s so tremendously popular (and frightening) that the refs allow him to stay on the pitch a bit longer than they should.

This finely detailed resin model is supplied in 5 pieces and comes with a 32mm Round Blood Bowl Base. The package includes all the rules you’ll need to use Kreek ‘the Verminator’ Rustgouger in your games of Blood Bowl.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel paints.

Catégories Héros & Personnages
Taille Echelle 25mm-28mm
Quantité 1 unité
Matériau Résine
Jeux Bloodbowl